A screen shot of “Martin Luther King Jr, Marked Man” , National Geographic Channel

A screen shot of “Martin Luther King Jr, Marked Man” , National Geographic Channel

Today is Martin Luther King Jr, Day and I feel compelled to learn more about this amazing man and his life. My first thought was to watch Selma, as I have always wanted to watch it but have yet to carve out the time. It is a two hour movie and due to time constraints of the day, I had to go with something a little shorter (it is on the docket to watch this winter, however). While scrolling through the Search engine on my tele’ I found a documentary on National Georgraphic Channel that looked interesting. It is an “old school” looking/feeling production, but very good and informative. I feel a little embarressed that it took me this long in my life to truly learn about MLK. This show (Do we still call “shows” shows? I’m feeling a little old here.) taught me not only about MLK but also about the state of our country and government in the 60’s. They were scary political times that I feel we are reliving somewhat today. This is not a political site, so I will steer clear of further commentary on the subject.

Learning is lifelong and with the tools we have on our computers and in our homes (searching a topic on your TV, who would have thought this was going to be commonplace back when I was growing up), we have no excuse to not keep learning and expanding our minds. I love Smart TV’s for this purpose. There is endless content to be devoured…

Now to que up “Selma”…

The time is always right to do what is right.
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr

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